A guide in the country of oils… Ninon LUBINEAU
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We could say that Ninon and the Massons mill grew up together. Since then, with a team of volunteers from the Massons mill, she has invested a huge amount of energy in developing this remarkable site in the Monts du Forez. With over 10 000 visitors in 2013, their efforts seem to have been crowned with success.

A guide in the country of oils…

The history of Ninon’s attachment to the mill began in 2003. Ninon was a student at the time and did her work experience period there in what was still only a project. With her characteristic energy, she assisted the team of volunteers who were endeavouring to give new life to the mill by opening it to visitors. Ninon listened with great interest to their memories of the working mill when it used to be in service. She paid special attention to the gestures and the techniques used in the production of roasted rape seed oil. No detail escapes her !

Two years later when she had obtained her diploma BTS Tourisme, she was recruited by the mill as a guide and activity organiser. For several years, Ninon was the only employee of the mill and with the help of volunteers, continued to develop different projects. Particularly important was the task of making the mill accessible to disabled visitors and adapting the visit to their needs. This work was rewarded in 2006 by the award of the label Tourism and Disability for three cases : physical, mental and hearing impairment. This made the mill a pioneer site in this sector of tourism in the Rhône-Alpes. Ninon has also planned a special programme for families with the help of the activity commission. The Treasures of the mill and the gourmet afternoons delight both children and adults. A real moment of discovery to share !

Since 1910, Ninon has been joined by Pierre-Yves who is in charge of the production of oil. Together and always in close collaboration with the mill volunteer workers, they continue their efforts to develop the mill. A saw-mill has started up its activity again, a shop has opened, an activity room where visitors can be welcomed whatever the weather conditions, has been built and in 2014 a bread oven was inaugurated. This will enable future events and even more merry festive occasions which have become a speciality of the Massons mill to be organised !