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    On the 4th, 5th, and 6th of last October, at the Place Bouvier at Montbrison, the restaurant owners of the Loire provided a great attraction. Visitors were in no hurry to leave the marquee where they could go on a delicious stroll through the rich and surprising Forez culinary landscape. Among the twenty chefs present, Jean-Pierre Tholoniat is now a familiar figure at these Journées de la Fourme de Montbrison et des Côtes du Forez.

    Journées de la Fourme de Montbrison et des Côtes du Forez

    Jean-Pierre Tholoniat came to Montbrison in 1991. Here, in an old hotel and restaurant, he created with his wife, Marie-Pierre, La Roseraie which quickly became the gourmet address in the town. Inspired by his technical knowledge gained at the Lycée hôtelier de Saint-Chamond and his wide professional experience acquired at Vichy, Cannes, Paris, and even London, he gives free range to his creative imagination.

    Jean-Pierre Tholoniat has been involved in the Association des Restaurateurs de la Loire for several years. Founded thirty years ago, it brings together twenty-eight restaurant owners in the department, who take part in different sales promotion campaigns and organise the Young Cooks of the Loire Contest. Thanks to a rewarding exchange project with the culinary department of the University of Desmoines in Iowa, they frequently travel to the United States to demonstrate the quality of regional Loire gastronomy.

    It has become a habit for the chefs of the Loire to occupy a space in the Bouvier Square during the Journées de la Fourme de Montbrison et des Côtes du Forez. Twenty or more chefs follow in succession to offer cookery demonstrations and a succulent moment of pleasure to the public. Jean-Pierre Tholoniat who organises this event says that it requires considerable investment in time but that it is also the opportunity for the chefs to promote local products of Forez !

    Following this event, the Cooks of the Loire participated in the edition of two books of recipes using Montbrison round cheese. Jean-Pierre Tholoniat includes a recipe which he regularly offers to his clients, a cheese and pear puff pastry. Today this sweet and savoury creation is part of his reputation. It has even been included in the book « La cuisine de la République – Cuisinez avec vos deputes”» (The cooking of the republic- cook with your MPs) and goes much towards recommending the merits of this blue-veined cheese…