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    Not far from the Pic de Saint-Romain-le-Puy, on the banks of the canal du Forez, a joyous clamour can be heard. There, at Les Tourettes, the sounds of clucking, bleating, gobbling, mooing, reach our ears. It is not Noah’s Ark, the farm belongs to Florence, Laurent and Emmanuel. These brothers and sister are the energetic managers of the Ferme Au cœur du Forez…

    The farm in the heart of the Forez…

    The Ferme Au Cœur du Forez, also known as the Ferme Bory Bayle, is above all a family history. For four generations, this farm in the Forez plain has been specialised in livestock breeding and is proud to sell directly to the public. The adventure started with Julie Bayle, a war widow, who started making cheese and butter which she sold on the market.

    Two generations and many years later, her three great grandchildren have inherited and maintain the tradition. The sister and her two brothers manage the 84 hectares of the family farm and care for the 65 dairy cows which produce over 600 000 litres of milk a year. The list of foods produced by the Ferme Au cœur du Forez is long and appetizing ! Raw milk, butter, fresh cream, ordinary or Bio de Madagascar vanilla-flavoured curd cheese, whey cheese, dry cheeses such as the Brique du Forez, but also poultry and guinea-fowl. When Christmas comes, there is also a rush to buy turkeys, geese and capons.

    Direct sale has always been the Bory family ideal. Whether in the farm shop or on the markets, the family cultivates a friendly relationship between producer and customer, with no intermediary. Who doesn’t know the stall held by the Ferme Au Cœur du Forez for twenty-five years, place de l’Hôtel de Ville at Montbrison, every Saturday morning !

    Since 2009, the Ferme Au Cœur du Forez has belonged to the association Bleu Blanc Cœur. (Blue White Heart). This national network of farmers is dedicated to promoting responsible farming Good for Health. Their aim is to improve the daily lipid content of our food (fewer saturated fats and Oméga 6 fatty acids, more Oméga 3 fatty acids…). This requirement means a specific food ration for the animals which includes a significant proportion of linseed oil. Thus, the products of the Ferme Au Cœur du Forez have two qualities : both delicious taste and nutritional value !