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    Home / #Sincere encounters/The Musée d’Allard with Marie, Maude et Sandrine

    Inheritor of the curiosity cabinet of Jean-Baptiste d’Allard, the museum which carries its name is a surprising concentration of various collections. Each floor has its own universe ! Each floor is an invitation to discovery ! But look carefully, here nothing is permanent and static. Marie, Maude, et Sandrine make the museum a lively animated place, open all year to discover and rediscover as often as you wish…


    An « Encyclopedia-museum » !

    A usual day at the Allard museum. On the ground floor, Maude with her customary smile welcomes visitors and gives them the audioguide; upstairs, Marie enthusiastically presents a work of art to a group of children, whereas in her office, Sandrine concentrates on the content of a future exhibition. Three young ladies who bring the Allard museum to life every day. Maude is responsible for welcoming visitors, Marie is in charge of management and cultural activities, whereas Sandrine prepares and installs exhibitions.


    Minerals, stuffed animals, toys, fonts, miniature trains, medals and coins, flags, priestly clothing, books, manuscripts, paintings, sculptures….. : the Allard museum possesses a wide and extremely rich range of collections. Making the inventory involves the participation of the whole team. Marie, Maude and Sandrine enjoy these moments spent in the museum depository examining an object, understanding what it is, where it comes from…… Knowing that some of them belonged to Jean-Baptiste d’Allard always stirs their emotion.

    The Allard museum, far from being a static permanent exhibition, is constantly reinventing itself, changing and progressing. Each transformation is a moment of intense agitation in which Marie, Maude and Marie take an active part, helped by the maintenance staff of the Town of Montbrison. Since 2007, the 1000 square metres of displays have undergone a real metamorphosis. The addition of “Play with toys” in 2007 gave a more fun aspect to the rich collection of toys, most of them made by the Gégé factories.

    In 2012, it was the turn of the original collections of the museum to be refreshed. : the curiosity cabinet belonging to Jean-Baptiste d’Allard was modernised and made more attractive by the use of a new technique. Recently an innovative concept was introduced. Muséo Léxico, a play-based activity which involves much interaction, enables visitors and especially children, to become really immersed in the collections of the museum.


    Bringing a museum to life and and opening it to the town population is a difficult challenge. At the Allard museum, the organisation of temporary exhibitions, participation in national and local events, the introduction of a cultural programme, have increased its attraction. Today a series of conferences, workshops, a literary café, young people’s visits ……have made the museum a lively animated place where visitors enjoy exchanging and learning.


    Marie, Maud and Sandrine…


    Conservation assistant.

    May 2002

    BTS communication

    Has worked at the Museum of Usson and at the Mining Museum in St Etienne

    In charge of exhibitions

    Works to prepare and install exhibitions

    Suggests themes

    Research work concerning the content, the objects displayed, the personalities concerned.

    Participates in the installation of the exhibition with the technical staff of the town of Montbrison



    Heritage assistant

    Starts work in the museum in 2002

    Studied Applied foreign languages and then obtained a Master degree in tourism.

    Worked in the Priory of Montverdun

    Responsible for welcoming individual visitors, parties and school groups.

    Some administrative tasks.



    Main conservation assistant.

    Starts work in the museum in 2002

    Librairian training

    State diploma of social cultural animation.

    Administrative and scientific manager.

    In charge of planning the cultural programme.


    Planning of activities

    Liaising with institutions


    The museum…

    Nearly 1000 m2

    On 4 levels : 4 permanent exhibitions

    « Play with toys » ….in 2007

    Beaux Arts in 2007

    Curiosity Cabinet in 2012

    Muséo Léxico in 2014

    PLUS : 4 exhibitions per year = two Beaux Arts exhibitions, an exhibition for the Young People’s Book Festival.