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    Circuit VTT 4B - Saint-Bonnet-le-Château

    Plan d'eau
    42380 Saint-Bonnet-le-Château

    Parcours VTT - Départ St Bonnet le Château
    Vue sur St-Bonnet-le-Château

    A mountain bike rides guide covering the Pays de Saint Bonnet le Château, available in the tourist office of Saint Bonnet le Château and Usson en Forez.

    5 departures are suggest, numbered from 1 to 5. Circuits are marked in yellow with the mention "Pays de Saint Bonnet le Château" in green. Each number indicates the village of departure and a letter indicates the difficulty level of the path.The riding difficulty increases from "A" to "D". Those circuits are made up of a basic (A) which gives access to the B, C and D laps in order to lenghten the ride as you wish.


    Good deals

    Randonnée extraite du topo-guide des circuits VTT en vente à l'office de tourisme Loire Forez dans les bureaux d'information touristique de St-Bonnet-le-Château, d'Usson-en-Forez, de St-Just St-Rambert et de Montbrison.

    Period of opening

    Toute l'année : ouvert tous les jours.