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    Railway model club of the Haut-Forez

    L'Etang 102
    42380 Estivareilles

    Club de modélisme ferroviaire - Estivareilles 42380
    Club de modélisme ferroviaire - Estivareilles 42380
    Club de modélisme ferroviaire - Estivareilles 42380
    Tourism' Office Partner

    Come and visit the miniatures fabrication workshop. A membre of the club will show you the secrets of creations and reproductions on different scales as well as the trains from our region in Forez and Loire landscapes.

    The Railway model club of the Haut-Forez proposes the visit of our beautiful country of the Forez through railway models. With a club member, the 1h30 visit will show you the different creation secrets as well as reproductions on different scales where trains from our region evolve on different networks and astonishing landscapes from Forez and Loire. We have indeed the chance in our region to have touristic railway put back in service in 2006, allowing us to visit a middle mountain country still natural and wild, through forests of pines, fields, rivers, villages mounts and valleys.

    It is a discovery on a smaller scale of a varied landscape and of numerous details that can’t be seen on feet that the club invites you to relive through the life and history of the line from BONSON (42) to SEMBADEL (43) in the fifties that was put back up on its feet by the CFHF which exploits the touristic train of the Haut-Forez.
    Currently unfinished, you will see every day a new part of this line being recreated as a model by those passionate by railway models.

    Our N section also proposes two demountable networks for expositions:
    - The “Pontempeyrat train station”, 4x3m in the shape of an arc, representing a little train station and the viaduct.
    - “The Gorges de la Loire”, 5,50x4m in the shape of a circle, recreating the railway line between St Etienne and Le Puy en Velay going through the Gorges de la Loire with the reproduction of the Polignac castle and the PLM train station.
    For more details, come have a look at our website:


    Period of opening

    From 01/01 to 31/12, every wednesdays and saturdays between 2 PM and 4 PM.


    Free to participate.

    Methods of payment

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    • Paypal


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