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    Exposition - Sur les traces de Marco Polo

    Le Couvent
    Le bourg

    42560 Chazelles-sur-Lavieu

    Couvent 2016
    Dragons, démons et merveilles
    Couvent 2016
    Hommage à Daniel Pouget
    Couvent 2016
    Couvent 2016
    Dragons, démons et merveilles
    Tourism' Office Partner

    The museum « Couvent de Chazelles-sur-Lavieu » is a former convent, belonging to the sisters of St-Joseph, restored in order to organize temporary exhibitions. The theme presented in 2017 is : « Dragons, Demons and wonders – magical celebrations ». This exhibition will be a homage to Daniel Pouget, who used to be an ethnologist, and that will make this convent live again»

    Exhibitions 2016 : Dragons, daemons and wonders.
    Known as a popular subject in China, the dragon will be the main theme and will mark the opening of that exhibition. Considered as the king of animals, the dragon, born from human’s imagination, gives power to emperors, guard treasures, and usually dies because of the men’ sword in the name of God.

    That was sometimes the fate of wizards and witches, who do not necessarily have bad intentions and projects. Those imaginary beings used their powers wisely. Those wizards and witches used to be at the same time dreaded, respected and honoured.

    That exhibition takes us to different world regions to meet those enigmatic imaginary beings.


    Period of opening

    From 01/04 to 31/10/2019, every Sunday at 3 pm.


    Adult: from 7 €.

    Free entry for children < 14 years.
    Group rate available for > 15 people.

    Methods of payment

    • Cheque
    • Cash