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    The Monts du Forez

    Les hautes chaumes
    Les hautes chaumes

    The Hautes Chaumes is a protected natural site of vast rolling high-altitude plateaux (above 1,400m) on the upper slopes of the Monts du Forez mountains.
    Your ideal starting point for many a hiking trail!

    Human occupation can be traced back a long way, as witnessed by the jasserie chalets where fourme de Montbrison cheese was made.
    A rich diversity of flora and fauna: peat bogs, heathland and mountain pasture, bilberries, sundew...


    Good deals

    Les hautes Chaumes sont classées comme zone naturelle d'intérêt écologique, faunistique et floristique et comme site Natura 2000.

    Period of opening

    From 01/01 to 12/31.


    Free access.