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Le Bourg
42550 Usson-en-Forez

Jardin ecomusée
Chapelle ND de Chambriac
Carte basalte - Usson en Forez
Croix de Jouanzecq
Viaduc de Pontempeyrat
vue d'usson
plan d'eau usson 1
Chapelle de Lissac
Porte du village d'Usson en Forez
Vue aérienne d'Usson en Forez
Vue aérienne d'Usson en Forez

The village is located at the crossroad of 3 provinces : Forez, Velay and Auvergne. Usson en Forez gathers agriculture, industry, craftsmanship and retail.

The natural, architectural resources, the average height and its microclimate made of this municipality a rural resort or stéphanois and inhabitants of Lyon do not hesitate to come in holiday home. Furthermore, the marked out paths invite in the pedestrian, equestrian drive(ride) and MOUNTAIN BIKE and make the happiness of the tourists.By following the paths(ways) of the memory, we meet numerous tracks of his(her,its) history(story). Earth of romanité (way Bolène or Caesar's path(Caesar's way,César path,César way)), Usson-en-Forez was often place of conflicts.
The memory of these years evokes the feudalism, the territory of the municipality were split between Forez and Auvergne and numerous signs testify of the influence of the church.
Certain draw some folklore reveal us that the Occitania is not far. The present still shivers with the tumult of past (the dialect for example).
The discovery of the landscape reveals us an authentic and intact nature.
Far from the pollution, near the park Livradois-Forez, in the Top Drill Southern, we whisper that a " brook, Chandieur, in the morning, cries to enlarge Ance ".
We are on a granitic, leaky tray(plateau) of small volcanic warts, where alternate mounts and valleys.
All the hamlets ( a cnquantaine) are encircled with conifer.
This country, in the frame(executive) aimale and restful, is convenient to the walk under all its forms and to the rural activities. Peach(fishing), goes hunting, collects(harvests) of mushrooms, red berries and discovery of the heritage(holdings) still give rhythm to the thread of days.
We can discover numerous stony sites " to pond " or " in cupule ", all the mysteries of which l more important, Pravacher, between the hamlets of Daniecq and Fournel, has not delivered us yet.
The religious heritage(holdings) is omnipresent, the church of Usson in the Gothic forézien style, with an exceptional cross in six branches, is placed under St Symphorien's patronnage.
From the end of the XIth century, the chapel of Chambriac, ownership of the abbey of Chaise-Dieu, shines on the country.
Several hamlets still have their place of worship. The chapel of Lissac dedicated to society Queen, was restored thanks to the courage of the inhabitants. Of meêm, the inhabitants of the Breure put a lot, ave enthuse, into the restoration(catering) of their chapel. Religious fervour is always present and visible: pélerinage annual of Chambriac, protective virgins on houses, statues, supernatural fountains...
But let us stop some nstants in front of crosses, the setting-up(presence) of which is(is a matter) of a double report(relationship), in the divine and in the ground. Suggestive or commemorative crosses, cross of path(way) or cross of limit, cross of the deaths or cross of mission, used(worn out) by the age and the bad weather, they are present everywhere.
One of the most original, it deserves as such a bend, is the Celtic cross of Jouanzecq.
The rural heritage(holdings) of the municipality shows us that people lived here, humble and laborious. The tracks of the history(story) are also the ones of the work.
Objects are always there. Formerly an important activity of the region was the manufacturing of the pitch, extracted from some wood of the conifer, in the grieving constructed stone ovens forest or near a hamlet, the most remarkable are the one of Trémolet.
Numerous vestiges of mills confide by going back up(by raising) the course(price) of Ance or Chandieu.
Every hamlet, on its territory, had a "work": this wooden or metal, exceptionally sheltered device allowed of soigneret to shoe the clogs(hoofs) of draft animals.
These "places" join the collective memory(souvenir). Let us quote good-safe(-sure) the pit sawyers, in the painful life and in the precise and worked gestures(movements), who remind us the classic art way of cutting the wood and the hardness of the life of this country which it was necessary to leave to live.
The workers of the studios(workshops) of straws put all their know-how in the realization of straw objects, in the multiple uses(practices).
The railroad and the district of the station remind us that Usson was an important center of exchanges. The treatment(processing) of the wood, the manual manufacturing of


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