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    Village de Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec

    Le Bourg
    42380 Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec

    Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec 42380
    Abside octogonale, absidioles
    Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec 42380
    Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec 42380
    Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec 42380
    Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec 42380
    Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec 42380
    Chapelle de Martinange - Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec 42380
    Lavoir de Martinange - Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec
    Travail à ferrer au hameau de Martinange - Rozier-Côtes-d'Aurec 42380

    It's when you're stuck in a traffic jam, the WiFi's not working and you're expecting sparks to fly at today's meeting, that you feel like going off somewhere for the day, somewhere where time runs slower. Rozier for example…

    The village of Rozier is the perfect picture postcard village. You know, the ones we used send (by the post with a stamp on and all that) to say that we're having a great time on holiday. A subtle "old-style" setting somewhere between "Manon des Sources" (Pagnol... ) and "The Little House on the Prairie". And even if you love the totally off-the-wall style of Saint-Étienne, which is only 30 km away, a little interlude in this village from another era feels very restful. A lovely historic village, preserved from the passing of time. Here there are no invasive housing estates or anachronistic modern buildings, just 1900-style houses and a Clunisian priory. Remarkable. For the more athletic (don't all put your hands up at once), there are also lots of lovely walking trails. Mind you, don't go imagining that the Roziérois have always enjoyed this slow, quiet life. Not that long ago there were hundreds of artisans' houses around here. It's said that there were 100 armourer's workshops and 150 metalworkers'. A real bee hive. But the tsunami of modern technology has swept away that world of tradesmen and craftsmen, leaving just perfume making in this 100% authentic French village.


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